Introducing our new World Fund look – bolder and braver, more suitable for ‘those entrepreneurs’ on a mission to tackle the climate crisis

We founded World Fund in 2021, with a clear mission: to help decarbonise the global economy by backing those entrepreneurs who are building climate tech for a regenerative world. It is not a simple task and it will require a long-term commitment – all the more important, World Fund must be a strong partner with the utmost conviction, patience and support in a fight where everything could be at stake: our civilisation, humanity, life on earth.

While our initial logo already suggests our direction, we wanted all aspects of our brand to highlight our mission. So, we connected with Anne Geuther and her team at HOCHDREI, who played a key role in transforming our brand.

From colour to content – representing the World Fund’s mission

During the past months, we have worked with Anne, Ibrahim, Sebastian and their team to embed our core beliefs in our branding. Anne’s five years at the venture capital fund Project A, our longstanding relationship, HOCHDREI’s capabilities in strategy and branding and experience with impact, made the design studio World Fund’s partner of choice.

The updated logo, new typography and messaging are now much stronger calling for ‘those entrepreneurs’ who will scale businesses to build climate tech for a regenerative world. In fact, we are calling for an overall step up in our fight against the world’s greatest challenge.

Our new dark green colour stands for threat and hope. The darkness symbolises the gloomy time ahead, if we fail in our fight against the climate crisis. Simultaneously, the green represents the hope we feel when meeting with the visionary founders of climate tech startups. ‘Those entrepreneurs’, those brilliant minds make us feel hopeful and confident about the future. The handwriting and illustrative elements are supposed to portray World Fund’s humane, grounded and approachable side.

We hope that our new brand will help many more investors realise that it is most important and rewarding to invest in the true heroes of our time.

May 3, 2023


Elsa Sahiti, World Fund
Communications Manager
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Anne Geuther, HOCHDREI


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