aedifion is a proptech that has developed a cloud-based Building Energy Management System (BEMS) to monitor, analyze, and control building equipment including HVAC, lighting and elevators.

The cloud platform facilitates sustainable, efficient and transparent operations across commercial real estate.

Why we invested in:

  • The climate case: The built environment is responsible for around 28% of annual global CO2 emissions. These emissions come from construction materials, as well as the energy required to heat, light and power buildings. aedifion’s platform is the most impactful and scalable solution we have come across in monitoring energy usage and driving building efficiency. It can help reduce energy consumption of buildings by as much as 40%.
  • The business case: Most buildings in Europe are not energy efficient managed.  aedifion’s technology can be applied in nearly any commercial real estate, saving 20-40% of energy and associated costs. The product pays for itself after only a few months.
  • The team: The aedifion team has both the commercial and scientific background to achieve major decarbonisation breakthroughs in the built environment. Prior to founding aedifion, CEO Johannes Fütterer spent a decade in academia at RWTH Aachen, researching advanced control strategies to make buildings more energy efficient. CTO Jan Henrik has a background in academia with a focus on privacy and security in computing digital services. CFO Felix Dorner previously founded the digital media brand Seatback.