ENOUGH offers a pioneering sustainable protein source for meat-alternative products to B2B customers at scale.

The food tech company's proprietary ABUNDA® mycoprotein stands out for its taste, texture, and zero-waste production process.

Why we invested:

  • The climate case: ENOUGH has a lower carbon footprint compared to other plant-based protein sources due to its zero-waste process and use of fewer resources in production. The company's ABUNDA ingredient uses up to 93% less water, 97% less feed and causes 97% fewer CO2 emissions than other protein sources. Scaled up, ENOUGH has the potential to help combat food scarcity, reduce the use of resources and emissions on a global scale.
  • The business case: ENOUGH has the ingredients to become the global leader in sustainable protein. It is tackling crucial bottlenecks in its production and provides supply security to a growing market. In addition,  products featuring ABUNDA win over customers for taste, emulating the texture and taste of traditional meat.
  • The team: The ENOUGH team has the ideal combination of deep commercial, sector and scientific experience needed to succeed in a competitive market. Co-founder and CEO Jim Laird is the former CEO of International for Quorn, and his team boasts a strong scientific R&D base in Glasgow.

Website www.enough-food.com




Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Food, Agriculture & Land Use (FALU)