IQM is building the quantum computers of tomorrow – today.

It offers proprietary quantum computers as well as services like co-design, education and training. The Finnish startup provides leading industry and research partners with quantum technology essential to enabling innovation in areas from material research to climate modelling.

Why we invested in:

  • The climate case: Climate technologies developed using quantum computing could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by seven gigatons a year by 2035. Quantum computing can rapidly speed up the development of numerous climate technologies, including logistics intelligence improvements, the simulation of chemical processes, ammonia production improvements, and battery improvements.
  • The business case: IQM is the only European company that is already delivering full-stack quantum systems, making it the European leader in building superconducting quantum computers. It already has partnerships with brands such as Nvidia, Atos and TechMahindra.
  • The team: Founder and CEO Jan Goetz is a World Economic Forum ‘Digital Leader’, a board member of the European Innovation Council, and a quantum physicist. Prior to founding IQM in 2019, Jan worked in academia - focusing on quantum and technical physics at the Technical University of Munich, and Aalto University School of Science and Technology.





Espoo, Finland