Juicy Marbles is a plant-based protein food tech startup that developed one of the world’s first plant-based whole cuts in 2019.

The Slovenian company has accurately recreated the texture and taste of cuts of filet mignon and recently released products across Europe to great acclaim. Juicy Marbles steaks are currently on sale at 500 stores across the continent.

Why we invested:

  • The climate case: Animal agriculture is one of the largest GHG-emitting industries and is hugely inefficient - wasting caloric energy, water, and land resources. It has been the primary driver of deforestation and a catalyst for desertification in the Amazon. There are numerous ground beef alternatives on the market, but ground beef only contributes 40% of emissions from this livestock category. This is where Juicy Marbles’ whole cuts come in.
  • The business case: Juicy Marble’s filet mignon pioneers the plant-based market. They are creating a product closer to the texture, fat profile and taste of a traditional beef steak. Their focus on manufacturing whole cut-resembling products, enhanced by strong branding and educational resources, has helped them build up a cult following and international commercial success.
  • The team: CEO Tilen Travnik trained as a biotechnologist, before founding D:Labs - an incubator that helped internet startups launch and scale. CBO Vladimir Mićković has co-founded numerous branding agencies in his native Slovenia - including Ljudje, Flaviar and KUCHA. Co-CEO Luka Sinček is a microbiologist and former founder of the Biotechnical Ecosystem of Slovenia.

Website: www.juicymarbles.com