Planet A Foods is a food-tech company that developed a technology platform to create a socially-just and environmentally-friendly food industry.

They develop sustainable, future-oriented products free from any highly-limited resources such as cocoa or palm oil. All items are created from solely natural ingredients - with the first use case being cacao butter & cacao powder.

Why we invested:

  • The climate case: Chocolate production comes at a high cost for the planet. The rising demand for cocoa is a major driver for the deforestation in tropical forests, which are some of the most important carbon sinks on our planet. Climate change itself - and the broader biodiversity crisis -  is also threatening the viability of producing cocoa.
  • The business case: the great barrier for any food-tech business is the taste test. Planet A Foods’ Nocoa product offers a nearly identical taste and texture to conventionally produced chocolate - because of its fermentation approach - the best on the market we have tried.
  • The team: CEO Maximilian has previously founded 27Pilots, a boutique consultancy helping startups secure venture funding. Prior he also worked in the automobile industry for half a decade.  CTO Sara was a researcher at the Technical University of Munich, analysing the molecular structure of coffee, before working as Principal Scientist at Atomo Coffee, and as Head of Flavour at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.





Munich, Germany


Food, Agriculture & Land Use (FALU)