SunRoof is a Swedish company at the forefront of producing, selling, and installing solar-integrated roofs for residential and commercial customers.

Their innovative solar roof system seamlessly blends superior design with smart energy production and usage, creating an aesthetically appealing and sustainable solution for properties.

Why we invested in:

  • The climate case: Heating and powering our homes alone amounts to 17.5% of all global CO2 emissions. SunRoof’s technology provides customers with a cost-efficient solution to facilitate self-consumption of renewable energy. Self-production and consumption can significantly contribute to reducing electricity-related CO2e emissions by decreasing the intermittency of solar power generation.
  • The business case: SunRoof provides a fully integrated, aesthetically pleasing, and easily installable solar solution with best-in-class electricity generation efficiency. Being installed by conventional roofers, SunRoof overcomes the bottleneck of specialised PV installers - making a transition for customers cheaper and faster than a traditional solar PV offering.
  • The team: CEO Lech Kaniuk is a serial entrepreneur. As part of his entrepreneurial journey, he founded and successfully exited iTaxi, a ride-hailing app, and founded PizzaPortal, a food delivery app which was acquired by DeliveryHero in 2012. Co-founder Rafal Plutecki is the former Head of Google for Startups, launching its campus in Warsaw. His entrepreneurial roots led him to sell his first business to T-Mobile.





Vänersborg, Sweden